With these words, the Coalition for Easy Donation introduced its “The Last Will to Help” campaign, we hereby symbolically joined.

More than a third of the Czech population has experience with inheritance disputes. More than 250 million Czech crowns a year will be forfeited to the state because people have not left a will. We want to help you prepare for the future and provide for your descendants and friends. Within the will, you can also support your favourite non-profit organization. It turned out that in fact, 58% of seniors consider a gift from a will to be rightful. And how is such a will written down and what does it all entail?

Renowned microbiologist Ludmila Šilhánková bequeathed her savings to the Olga Havel Foundation


In her will, she bequeathed over CZK 2,000,000 to support the education and recreation of children and young people with disabilities. Despite her own disability, she became a respected microbiologist.

photo: archives VDV Olga Havel Foundation

source: Vdv.cz



By writing the last will and testament, you will provide for your loved ones and avoid the inheritance proceedings that occur if a will has not been made. At the same time, you have the opportunity to bequeath part of the property to your favourite non-profit. Here are few benefits for you in points:

1. The inheritance process will proceed as you wish

2. You can choose whom you provide for 

3. You can support your favourite non-profit 

4. You will have an overview of your property


260 000 000 CZK

is forfeited to the state per year because no one left a will

58 %

of seniors consider a gift from a will to be rightfull

35 %

of the population has experience with inheritance disputes


is the exact amount that you will pay for writing up a will via Goodbye.cz portal with our discount code EMOTER

You can write your last will in three possible ways, which we will now go through together. The first of them is a notarial record, where after a meeting with a lawyer and a notary, you leave with a will. The second option is a handwritten will at home. In this case, however, there are risks of legal challenge and non-recognition of the will in case of any error. The third option which we recommend is to write a will online via the Goodbye.cz portal.


In the case of more complex situations or disinheritance, we recommend that you first discuss the entire case with a lawyer and have a will written in a notarial record in the electronic Register of Legal Proceedings. Such a will is almost unquestionable. The whole process can cost you approximately 2 to 8 thousand czech crowns.


Wills can also be handwritten at home. Such a last will must be written and signed by one's own hand (it cannot be written by anyone else and it cannot be printed). You can then store it finished with you or at a loved one's home. The disadvantage is that it may contain legal errors of which the laics are unaware, and therefore may be declared invalid. On the contrary, the advantage is that you do not need anyone to write it and it does not cost you anything.

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Wills can also be written online via the Goodbye.cz website. Such a will shall undergo a professional inspection, so it will be legally in order. All that needs to be done for it to be valid is to sign it in the presence of two witnesses. You can read more about the procedure of writing a will online here.

Thanks to our cooperation with Goodbye.cz, you can now write your will completely free of charge. Just use our discount code EMOTER and fill out a simple questionnaire on the Goodbye.cz website. 

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If you are considering writing a will and need advice, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise you and help you find a suitable person who will write the last will and testament with you.


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