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In our prevention program, we focus mainly on vaccination, deworming and distribution of the necessary vitamins. We vaccinate children and adults as part of the Medical Outreach project and after educational workshops in schools. We emphasise the need to avoid multiple vaccinations. Therefore, after immunisation, we issue a medical report and record the children’s vaccinations in the cards if they have them. We are now working hard to create our cards, which we could distribute to children who do not have a card yet or have lost it.



and dewormed children


For deworming, we administer antiparasitics to children and adults once every six months. We vaccinate adolescents with Gardasil vaccine against HPV, which causes cervical cancer. We also vaccinate against tetanus, measles and rubella, but always in accordance with the vaccination program. The last important point is vitamin A supplementation, which is important for resistance to infections and proper vision.


To maintain the continuity of the project, we carefully keep records of vaccinated children and, in the case of the second/third dose, we know when and whom to vaccinate. Medical Outreach is held regularly and repeatedly to ensure that the vaccination schedule is maintained. You can read more about the sustainability of our project in Our Values .

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