Let us show you that even your company or foundation can prove to its clients that helping Uganda makes sense.

"Show your employees that you care about helping others."

A Word from the CEO

I really appreciate every cooperation and partnership that we have managed to establish. Whether the company provides its products, finances, the time of its employees, or directs us to its other partners, I always have a good feeling that in the Czech Republic, we care about doing good together. I believe that their employees also feel better when they know that they work for someone who cares about others’ health - even if on the other side of the world. Many thanks to all of you who go through it with us.

Dr. Lenka Karahutová, CEO of EMOTER


Galilee Community General Hospital,  website

We are grateful to Galilee Community General Hospital for providing medical supplies and assistance in organizing the outreach. Many thanks to the hospital staff who go on outreaches with us. 

Primeros,  website

Primeros regularly and repeatedly supplies us with condoms and pregnancy tests, which we distribute in Uganda during our trips as part of prevention and education about the spread of HIV.


Ministry of foreign affairs Czech Republic,  website

Thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, we were able to plan another 6 outreaches in 2021 and cover part of our costs from the official development assistance of the Czech Republic.


SIA, Impact Hub Praha,  website

The Social Impact Award is an acceleration program for young socially beneficial innovators under the age of 30, which in 2020 allowed us to learn how to start a startup properly. In the final, we were awarded the jury prize, which we greatly appreciate.


Edu Child Foundation Uganda, Youngesters love Africa Foundation,  website

Many thanks to the two non-profit Ugandan organizations that help us organize the outreaches and provide us with their staff, who then help with the administration or preparation of refreshments for the waiting patients.

Google, Canva, Techsoup website

We would also like to thank the platforms that have provided us with their products for free or are helping us to do so.


Givt.cz website

Together with the Givt.cz portal, you can support Emoter when shopping online, and you will not pay an extra crown. Based on the cashback principle, Givt supports hundreds of organizations and, among others, us. We are proud of our cooperation. Download Givt to your browser and help with online shopping.


Development and Counselling Centre VŠE website

Thanks to the free advertising provided by the Development and Counselling Centre VŠE, we can offer internships for students of the University of Economics in the field of accounting and fundraising on their website.


HERO CLAN website

People from HERO CLAN have been creating a non-public database of expert volunteers ("heroes") for years, which they connect with non-profit organizations based on the specific requirements of non-profits and skills as well as the regional interest of the heroes.


EMOTER is looking for companies and individuals who would like to participate in our project in Uganda. We offer several possibilities of cooperation. From our side, it comes to providing attractive promotion of your company and sharing your logo on our website and social networks. As for your part, it may be a financial contribution, a material gift (products we use in Uganda), long-term cooperation or even a form of promotion. Any donation will help us get one step closer to our goal. Be part of our story and help us fulfil our vision!


Email us at lenka.karahutova@emoter.org or call +421 910 337 411