EMOTER is an abbreviation for Essential Medical Outreach and Treatment Rescue. The main focus of our work is medical outreaches. The resulting acronym “emoter” also means “the one who shows emotions”.


Even though we are based in Prague in the Czech Republic, we run our activities mainly in Uganda. Precisely in Nebbi district where we go with our project Medical Outreach.

We chose Nebbi district because it has more than 350 000 of inhabitants and only two hospitals.


EMOTER is a non-profit organization that brings medical care to Uganda. We are a team of doctors and other enthusiasts from the Czech Republic and Uganda working together to improve the standard of living and healthcare availability to those who were not so lucky.


EMOTER was founded by three medical students. Now headed by our director MUDr. Lenka Karahutová, the team is made up primarily of women, which we are very proud to say. In a couple of months, we learned the basics of accounting, programming, fundraising, and even bargaining for medicament prices. Find out, how we aim to stay sustainable:


Because one of our main goals is sustainability, we try to follow up our developmental activities with our humanitarian aid. The aim of our work is the long-term improvement of the quality of life of local people through education and providing basic needs, such as medical care. In Nebbi, we plan to build our hospital and school for medical staff in the future. Because of sufficient education and awareness of prevention, we believe that our help will no longer be needed in the district of Nebbi.


We are currently focused on four projects, which are interrelated with each other. The first one, which was launched in 2019 before the founding of EMOTER, is a project called Medical Outreach. It was followed by the Educational Program, which deals with education in schools, the Preventive Program and also Charity Work. You can find out more about each of them below:


Medical Outreach is a medical mission when with our team of volunteers, we travel to remote areas of Uganda, where people don’t have access to medical care. We are building our mobile aid station to provide primary treatment, laboratory tests, preventive care, and medicines. Within the outreach simultaneously takes place our Prevention Program.

A crucial part of this program is vaccination (e.g. against HPV, which can cause cervical cancer), distribution of vitamins and deworming tablets. At the same time, as part of educational workshops, we want to teach children how to wash their hands properly and take care of their health.

Depending on the age group, we prepare educational workshops for schools focused on personal hygiene and health care for younger children and on reproductive health, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and HPV vaccination for older children and adolescents.

Through our donor program, we are looking for independent donors and organizations who will help us provide food, clothing, hygiene items, money for school and school supplies to those in need. We focus mainly on helping in local orphanages.


Support our activities with a financial gift or organize a charity event where you can raise the funds. Perhaps, you own a company or another business and would like to become our partner. Or did you think of joining our team? If so, don't hesitate and get involved. EMOTER needs your help more than ever.