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Dr. Lenka Karahutová

Founder & CEO

From a medic to the CEO of a non-profit in Uganda

Many people want to volunteer and change their lives, at least their own. Even more, if you are a medical student in the 5th year and feel that all your efforts make no sense at all. So I went to Uganda to escape my study crisis.


To the place where I terribly missed the hot shower, but it was so far not the biggest problem. Suddenly I routinely saw people who will not get help because they can not afford treatment, and even a trip to the hospital is too expensive. Once, a young patient needed to remove an advanced finding on her ovary, so we called doctors and tried to get the lowest possible price. Unfortunately, she didn't have enough, even with the borrowed money. In Uganda, the price for one's health is also commonly negotiated, and still only a few can afford it anyway. And the further away from the city, the less health care is available.

That's why, thanks to the financial support of my family and friends, I bought medicines, vitamins, food, hygiene and school supplies. With the locals’ help, we were able to take care of one village and hundreds of people in it during one outreach.

"Healthcare is a fundamental human right." 

I believe that I am not the only one who thinks that healthcare is a fundamental human right, no matter where you were born or how much you earn. That's why EMOTER was formed. For those who believe in the same, and especially for those who do not get this right. To reduce the "unfairness" at least a little bit with every outreach and every patient. Their grateful faces convinced me that it makes sense and that medicine is my love, especially the one "in the middle of the jungle".

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