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We are currently actively involved in 4 projects aimed at improving the living conditions of the people of Uganda. Essential for us is the sustainability of individual projects.




treated patients

during outreaches




We provide medical care

Medical Outreach is a medical mission when our team of volunteers travel to remote areas of Uganda. It is basically “medicine in the jungle” because we build our mobile aid station where our team then provides primary treatment, laboratory tests, preventive care and medicines. During the four-day trip, we can treat more than 2,000 patients, which we also educate in the field of prevention.

We fight infectious diseases

As part of the prevention program, we focus mainly on vaccination (for ex. against tetanus or HPV, which can cause cervical cancer), as well as the distribution of vitamins and deworming tablets. During trips and planned educational workshops, we teach children how to wash their hands properly and take care of their health. We keep careful records of all our patients to prevent revaccination with an already used vaccine.

We help raising a new generation

Unfortunately, we had to reorganize the educational project due to the coronavirus pandemic, and so far, it will only take place in the form of a radio broadcast. However, as soon as possible, we want to organize educational workshops according to the target age group, which will take place directly in schools and will focus on personal hygiene and health care for younger children and on reproductive health and prevention of STD for older children.

We help people in need

In addition to poor health care, people in these areas also face other problems, from poverty and hunger to a lack of basic needs such as drinking water. Through our donor program, we are looking for independent donors and organizations who will help us provide food, clothing, hygiene items, money for tuition and school supplies for those in need. We also cooperate with other organizations who deal with this issue.


At that time, the idea of helping was born in the head of a Czech medical student and laboratory technician from Uganda.

Autumn 2020

We have not slowed down. We have sent masks, condoms and other aids to Uganda. We were learning, and in autumn, we won the jury’s award in the Social Impact Award competition and the prize of 40 000 CZK.


By 2025, we would like to build a branch office of EMOTER in Nebbi, which would ensure better operation of the organization and enable us to dispense medication to the patients regularly.


We started our own NGO, and already in March, we have treated more than 2,000 people during the medical outreach. Then the covid-19 pandemic made our activities much more difficult.


In 2021, our project was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. We plan 6 outreaches and treat up to 12,000 citizens. New products should also be added to our e-shop during the year.


In the future, we want to start building our hospital and school for medical staff in Nebbi.

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