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Did you receive the green envelope from EMOTER?


I am very glad that my letter ended up in the right hands. When I co-founded EMOTER, I had no idea that in a few years it would grow into an organization that would treat over 15,000 people annually, vaccinate 1,300 children and spread prevention awareness across Uganda.

MD Peter Janota

co-founder of non-profit organization EMOTER

+420 732 579 141

EMOTER was created when I was still at school. Together with my classmate Lenka and Tamara, we were excited by the idea of humaneitary aid and provision of necessary medical care in remote sub-Saharan regionsAfrica. And so word got around and we started going out regularly to Ugandes where:

  • 22,000,000 the resident does not have access to drinking water near the dwelling

  • 2,400,000 of children suffer from malnutrition and insufficient growth 

  • 73% the total population lives on less than CZK 75 per day

  • 1,400,000 of people in Uganda are living with HIV

We have established valuable cooperation with the Ugandan community of health professionals, and together we regularly take a load of medicines every month to Nebbi district, where in 2023 there will be only one functioning hospital for every half a million inhabitants.

In just three days, we are able to treat up to 1,500 residents who, without our help, would never have seen a doctor in their lives and who, in some cases, even die of a completely banal infectious disease, because they do not have access to the necessary therapy.

I really appreciate you reading my message this far. I believe that together we can help even more people. Will you go with me?

EMOTER is looking for companies and individuals who would like to participate in our project in Uganda. We offer several possibilities for cooperation. From our side, this is an offer of interesting promotion of your company and sharing of your logo on our website and social networks. From your side, it can be, for example, a financial contribution or long-term cooperation. A popular form of help is also the purchase of our coffee imported directly from Ugandan farmers as part of fair-trade, for company coffee machines or as Christmas packages for employees. That's why you also found a coffee bean in your letter.

Be part of our story and help us fulfill our shared vision!

Email or call the phone number+420 732 579 141 and we find togethernew way of cooperation.

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