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The EMOTER team has three core values that guide us and also help us differentiate ourselves from other organizations. These include transparency, sustainability and equity of care.


We want our donors and partners to know exactly what we are using their money for and thus trust us. That is why EMOTER regularly publishes its annual report, which shows the financial results for last year.  In addition, it is possible to monitor the movement of funds on the transparent account and also within our public crowdfunding

with the reference number MHMP 1711425/2020, which has been approved by the Prague City administration since 16.11.2020.


EMOTER's work consists of 4 fundamental pillars - Medical Outreach, Preventive Program, Educational Project and Charity Work. Our goal is for everyone to be meaningful and sustainable in the future. Our main goal is that one day our help in Nebbi district will no longer be needed.



The annual increase in Uganda is 3,4%, so in 2030, about half a million people could live in Nebbi. There are a total of 2 hospitals for such a mass of people, one of which one can doubt its functionality. Other medical care is either voluntary or individual. The second significant problem is the high neonatal and overall infant mortality rate. This table shows children's death rate in the age of 0-4 years according to selected causes in 2015. We think that this number is greatly underestimated and that no one is reporting child deaths in remote areas. Moreover, these data are probably registered in hospitals, which, as already mentioned, are almost non-existent in Nebbi.


That is why our long-term goal is first to build an EMOTER branch in Nebbi and later also a hospital with a maternity unit and a school for midwives and nurses. We would then continue to go to the most remote places to treat. This is the only way to solve low-quality care problems in Nebbi in a long-term and sustainable way.



As part of the prevention program, during our outreaches, we provide vaccination against HPV, tetanus, rubella and measles. Theoretically, every child should have a vaccination card stating when they were vaccinated with which vaccine. However, HPV and tetanus vaccinations are not mandatory. To prevent multiple vaccinations, we want to issue our own vaccination cards to children who do not have a card yet, which we will print in cooperation with the Copy General.


EMOTER keeps an extensive table of patients' names and procedures from the outreaches, so we can vaccinate the next dose on the next trip, for example with the HPV vaccination plan. We are vaccinating with Gardasil (formerly known as Silgard). For children aged 9-13 years, the scheme is 0-6 months. For children 14 years and older, the scheme is 0-2-6 months. Children who do not have a card and refuse to get it will not be vaccinated. We try to use their existing one or issue our card.

The card also states vitamin A supplementation, which we give to the children once every six months as part of prevention. Deworming with mebendazole or albendazole in various doses depending on age also takes place every six months. It is recommended for children up to 5 years of age. We want to serve it to everyone, including adults.


The prevention program is followed by an educational program, where we want to lead children from an early age to better health education, so we can prevent certain diseases or even unplanned parenthood. Sustainability is unquestionable. Better education itself should improve health condition. At this moment, we are discovering how many schools and children are in the Nebbi district. It is possible that no one knows or will ever know these numbers. That's why at least we will keep a record of trained classes in different schools, where the educational workshop will include vaccination against HPV.  In older children or adults, we are considering a link to HIV testing.

We are already providing HIV testing itself, but we are struggling with sustainability because we cannot offer infected patients with adequate treatment other than giving information about their condition. Therefore, the goal is to cooperate with another organization or hospital, which we are currently arranging. In the future, we would like to address this with our medium-term plan, which is to build an EMOTER branch office in Nebbi, where it would be possible to issue antivirals and other treatments regularly. Our educational workshop also covers HIV on reproductive health, which will support sustainability.


The third of our values ensures that EMOTER will provide care to everyone who needs it, regardless of age, gender, religion, education or sexual orientation. We believe that everyone deserves our help.


Support our activities with a financial gift or organize a charity event where you can raise money for us. Maybe you own a company or another business and would like to become our partner. Or did you think of joining our team? If so, don't hesitate and get involved. EMOTER needs your help more than ever.

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